Top 5 Websites to Check Google Keyword Rankings

... Dec. 19, 2018, 6:35 a.m. Author : Shubhajit

Picking the right keywords for your content, track the keyword position in search and make them rank on the top of search engine queries are the essential steps to get good traffic on search engines. It is quite essential for SEO professionals to check their Google keyword rankings for target keywords. One of the common faults most SEO experts and content writers do is to create content without targeting any keywords at all.

You must use the keywords that users search the most, especially the keywords that will help your page shows up in the first 50 search results. One of the important factors of on-page SEO is to manage your keywords properly, to understand which keywords rank well and what are the strongest keywords or phrases for your domain.

In order to achieve the desired task of finding the right keywords, you need appropriate tools to understand which specific keywords rank in Google’s search results.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is probably the best search engine ranking tool as it gives a comprehensive solution for keyword checking. The tool is easy to use and provides you with a good amount of data about the website. You can obtain data such as website traffic, backlinks, competitors’ analysis, advertising competition, paid search traffic, and others.

SEMrush provides you with:

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the powerful tools for keyword ranking analysis. It audits your existing backlinks performance and provides you with an informed decision about your backlinks profile. It also gives you a comprehensive analysis of your competitors’ performance and gives you an idea about your keywords and content. An important KPI in SEO is your organic search traffic data inside Google Analytics. Moreover, the tool also helps set alert for your branded keyword(s). This will help in building brand management.

  1. SERPWatcher

The best part of SERPWatcher is the user-friendly feature with some great features. You can track the existing keywords and analysis of competitors’ performance.

  1. Google Adwords: Keyword Plan

The most obvious choice is Google Adwords, not because it is a keyword tool but also gives a wide variety of features. Google Adwords is a great choice for new websites because it gives an idea about your keywords strength and also analysis about your content. You can gather more information directly from Google and create funnels that use a series of events giving a clear idea on how to reach your defined goal.

Along with the keyword list, you’ll find:

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