4 steps to implement an effective Social CRM strategy

... Jan. 29, 2019, 11:18 a.m. Author : Sakshi

Social CRM stands for Social Customer Relationship Management. In layman's language, an amalgamation of CRM and Social Media is called Social CRM. Technically, Social CRM is classified as a customer-centric approach whose prime objective is to connect the brand with the audience in a personalized way, but in a formal setting.

The interaction which takes place between the brands and its audience through Social CRM is invaluable since it helps in the better understanding of the customer’s needs. A well framed Social CRM strategy does not just help in building relationships but encourages more sales as well.

1.      Choose Your Primary CRM Platform

People are spending a generous amount of time on social media. Some brands miss out on the opportunity to use this time and generate sales for them. Even though it’s advisable to have a social media presence in all the possible social media platforms, there needs to be one highly active one, focused on your niche audience. This platform would be your main customer support hub.

2.      Prioritize CRM Response

With time, the audience learns to interact with the brands virtually. Customer service becomes the thing of the social media. To keep this process running smoothly organization of the service requests and identification of the pressing ones is required. Customer service issue has to be a priority for the brand. Solving the queries of potential leads, strengthening the customer-service relationship has to top the list.


3.      Choose Monitoring Software

Once you have established a primary query resolving platform, next up is being able to monitor it. Bigger businesses have a hefty amount of queries to deal with. Being able to monitor them, solve the feasible ones and inculcate them to improve users’ experience should be aimed at primarily. Being able to do all of that without using dedicated monitoring software to monitor that seems like a daunting task.

So, next up is employing software to do that for you. You can choose to use one among the ones already available in the market or design one especially to specify the purpose.

4.      Measure Data

Analyzing the data reach is an imperative step in the process. With the data pouring in, figure out the percentage of high-priority requests your team handles efficiently. It’s also of paramount importance to reach out to the web to find out about your consumers’ expectations.  The time consumed while attending the grievances of each customer and the queries which left attended needs to be documented and handles likewise.


It’s rightly said that consumers are the ultimate king of the market. They are indeed. The mantra to a successful business is taking care of consumers and evolve as per their expectations and needs. Hence, social CRM plays a significant role in meeting business expectations. 

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Feb. 11, 2019, 6:19 a.m.

Social CRM is not a new concept yet people are not too much aware of it. Social CRM is a quintessential part of social media marketing and greatly helps to build brand recognition. From my opinion prioritizing CRM response is the most important thing. I like the way you guys put forward this topic but if you would have created a much more expansive story, it would be great.