How your content strategy supports marketing goal?

... Jan. 2, 2019, 7:33 a.m. Author : Shubhajit

Content marketing is the pillar of all online marketing strategies. Every online marketer loves to focus on the content marketing today since we witness content marketing as the fuel for all digital marketing activities whether it is social media promotion, email marketing, landing page marketing, and others. Creating a solid content strategy holds water in the digital ocean because it provides a multi-channel lifecycle engagement strategy, unifying all marketing strategies, retention and growth goals.

Joe Pulizzi, the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, defines content marketing as:

How a brand creates, delivers and governs original or curated content to attract and retain customers, positioning the brand as a credible expert and, ultimately, motivating a change in behaviour.”

How a content strategy supports marketing goals?

An efficient content marketing will help buyers at every stage of their buying cycle, leaving no gaps for prospects to fall through. Content marketing is the primary driver to lead your target audience to move through the lifecycle to purchase.

·         An effective and catchy content will create brand awareness since a share-worthy content creates great diffusion through mass and become aware of your company or brand. It is important to create engaging content so that people will share it via their social accounts, email or word-of-mouth as a recommendation. In social media, anyone could be a great influencer!

·         No matter how much you promote on social platforms, Google SEO is still the number one driver that drives great traffic to your website. Content became, and still is, the king. So it is of utmost importance that you write content that contains appropriate keywords and fulfills SEO parameters.

·         Syndicated content drives purchases. Content marketing strategy is much broader than your site since it includes content on social networks, online publishers, comparison sites, blogs and many other types of influencer site.

·         In the last 10 years, buyers’ behaviour has greatly changed. Now the buyers want an opinion from various platforms before they engage in the buying cycle. Whether rating sites, forums, social networks, blogs – buyers dig out content that helps them to take an informed decision.

·         AdWords are excellent methods to get a good traction in minimum time. Therefore, it is significant to provide relevant content on paid search landing pages to attain a better quality score in Google and to gain conversions.

·         Mobile marketing is the new boy in the town. It gives marketers new options for channelling communications via each of the channels above. Since mobile phones and tablets are often used for various context, it means marketers need to create a new format of the content to engage mobile users.

How content marketing supports customer management

Content marketing is not an exclusive marketing tool but seamlessly impregnated into various forms of marketing strategies. The best way is to relate content marketing to supporting marketing goals across all the stages of the customer lifecycle.

Stage 1 – Build your brand awareness through content and reach as much as people. The first stage is important because it gives your company to reach people and create awareness about your services and products.

Stage 2 – Stage 2 is to act and initiate the interaction. The objective is to engage your visitors or audience and create a positive influence. There are primarily three KPIs – bounce rate, time spent on the website, and page views.

 Stage 3 – Achieve conversion to marketing goals such as new followers, lead generation, online sales, collaboration with other channels for sales.

Stage 4 – The final stage is to engage with your customers to build great customer relationships and achieve retention goals. Unfortunately, there is no good metrics online to tap your engagement, so you need to derive the stage through your sales system.

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