How to develop a killer content strategy?

... Feb. 4, 2019, 11:53 a.m. Author : Sakshi

Everyone is googling nowadays. On the other side, people are putting up their ideas, views, experiences, knowledge, for the world to come across. Whether you are a brand who would like to market their products/services or just another individual brimming with ideas, creating a content to offer to the world has to be the only major weapon.

But, on a very basic note, everyone is creating content. But among those millions and billions of contents floating in the market, the only way to stand out is by knowing what-why-who-where-how.

It’s not as simple as it sounds. So, here is the mini guide in the simplified way possible so that you can easily plan out a killer content strategy.

1)      Decide your niche- “WHAT”

The basic mantra to achieve something is by answering the basic questions. Before you even think of creating content the first question which you need to answer is what you want to share through your contents. Clearly define your niche.

 If you are a clothing brand you clearly need to put up contents related to fashion, focusing on current market trends etc.

If you are just a person next door who is moved by the idea of blogging but don’t know exactly what, clarify yourself. Take some time, think what you love doing, and that should be your content’s focus. If you won’t define the clear objective/genre of your contents, the audience won’t be able to survive with you in the long run.
2)      Know your audience – “WHO”

This point needs to answer “Who”. After you define your niche, you need to define your target market. Who would be interested in your content, whom you are creating the content for? For example, if you are a clothing brand who produces western clothes for women, your target audience should be people in the age group of 14- 35 years. You can broaden the horizon focusing both the genders because even the men would like to know what to gift their women.

If you are a traveler and planning to create a travelogue, your target audience should not be restricted to any group.
Defining your target audience needs comprehensive research and a clear mindset.
3)      Brainstorm content ideas

After you have defined your target audience, next up is Content ideas. Your brand should be able to interact with its audience through its content. This step involves creativity and planning. Creativity, to keep your audience interested in you. Planning, to drive traffic to your website. Digital space evolves every day. You need to awaken your creative space and jot down the content ideas.

 For example: If you are a woman clothing brand, you can inculcate ideas like “10 trends to follow this summer”. Another thing could be a “step-by-step guide to accessorize according to your attire”.

In this step, you can showcase your products in the attire part.

This way, brainstorm thousands of ideas which crosses your mind.
“What if this idea doesn’t work?” do not worry about it at this step. Just brainstorm and jot it down.
4)      Determine types of content- “WHERE”

Audience interacts with brands through various channels. Blogs are good to start with, but producing the variety of contents every once in a while, keeps the audience interested. Determine whether you would put your contents through your blog, vlog, videos, pictures, or just by creating a balanced mix. 
5)      Bring something unique to the table- “HOW”

The digital space is flooded by content. Everyone is putting up something or the other out there. But, to make sure you get noticed, do something which gives you the invaluable attention of the audience. Rigorously research and find out where your rivals are going wrong. Figure out what the audience of your rivals is appreciating. Take inspirations from all of them and document the unique blend of ideas.
6)      Run a content audit.

Stack up the research material you collected in point 5. Gather all the creativity you spewed in point 3. Bring whatever inputs you have to the table. It’s time to filter out and execute. Bring your plans into action and create quality content. Experiment with the content. Digital space is quite unpredictable. You never know what works best for you. So, experiment. Keep a track of user’s response after every post. Mix and match would help you design the best-suited content plan.
7)      Publish/manage content

So, you have posted your first blog. It’s time to be consistent with it. Engage with your audience. Surprise your audience once in a while. Manage your contents, blogs, and social media channels properly. Publish contents religiously. Set up a planner for that and stick to it.
Follow our step-by-step mini guide.  And then, we can safely assume Your Content would be the King.

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